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Pictures made from keys

This quirky collection of photos proves that a little imagination is the key to a good a picture. By simply using a collection of keys and a strip of chalk, photographer, Stanislav Aristov, 32, is able to re-create everyday scenes and objects.

Inspired by a fictional civilization known as the Key Masters from Russian sci-fi novel, Spectrum. Stanislav wanted to show that even the simplest of items can help change your view on the world.

After acquiring a large selection of keys from friends and family as well as local charity shops, Stanislav then went about scrawling anything from a key shaped rain drops to a key-eyed crab. (Caters News)

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Aladdin Homes

My house was built by this company in 1950.

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Surrealism and Visionary art by Caterina Silenzi

on Behance

Born in Porto San Giorgio in 1977, lives and works in Fermo, Marche. Silenzi has studied Sculpture and photography at the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Macerata, and achieved a Master at the Bilbao University.

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'Art of the Pour' - 4 spot illustrations for Heineken Magazine


Daniel Merriam

If Hieronymus Bosch took the blue pill instead and sat down to a mad hatters tea party with Marie Antoinette, a hookah-smoking Caterpillar & a couple of unicorns you may just open the curtain into Daniel Merriam’s theatre fantastic. A Master American Surrealist painter, his worlds speak to those of us who adored the movie The Labyrinth and found ourselves asking, Why the hell wouldn’t she stay with the Goblin King? It’s firmly the territory of a child’s bubblegum mind.

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Color Studies: Pink by Carissa Gallo

Artist on Tumblr

Portland based Photographer Carissa Gallo present her series “Color Studies-Pink” featuring a beautiful contrast of colour and the photographers love of muted tones.

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